When it comes to transit, TAP is the answer.

What is TAP?

TAP is a durable, eco-friendly, plastic card that contains state-of-the-art smart chip technology designed to improve your transit experience. While not a pass in itself, the TAP card allows you to electronically purchase and load various passes from participating regional and local agencies, stored value or a combination of both.

What are the benefits of TAP?

TAP offers convenience and security. Its smart chip technology allows for free balance protection and the ability to deduct exact fare amounts for any TAP-enabled system to expedite boarding time. TAP makes it easier to connect with other municipal transit systems.

Where is my TAP card accepted?

TAP cards are currently accepted on Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA), Baldwin Park, Burbank, Carson, Compton, Culver City Bus, Foothill Transit, Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, Glendale, Huntington Park, LA County Department of Public Works, LADOT, LAWA, Long Beach Transit, Metro, Montebello Bus Lines, Monterey Park Spirit Bus, Norwalk Transit, Pasadena ARTS, PV Transit, Santa Clarita Transit, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus and Torrance Transit. TAP cards can hold different types of passes, transfers, zone passes and stored value to make travel easy for seamless travel throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

How do I use TAP?

It’s easy. Simply tap your card on the TAP target of the bus farebox/validator or station turnstile/validator. A “beep” and “GO” message will show your card is valid. You are now free to board the bus or train.

Where can I purchase a TAP card?

You can purchase your TAP card online, at TVMs located at all Metro Rail Stations or at any of the TAP retail locations. Remember, you must load a pass or stored value on your TAP card to ride with valid fare.

What if I don't tap my card on the TAP target?

Any time you ride, you must tap your card. Fare inspectors are riding the system with card readers. You may be cited for fare evasion if you fail to tap the bus farebox or rail station turnstile/validator. So, don’t forget to TAP!

Can I allow others to use my TAP card?

Each rider must have his or her own TAP card. Cards are non-transferable.

How do I transfer from a Metro bus to another municipal line?

Ask the operator for a Metro-to-Muni transfer. Your transfer will be loaded on your existing TAP card or you will receive a paper transfer, if that Municipal Operator is not yet on TAP.

How do I transfer from Metro rail to another municipal line?

After using your TAP card to board the train, purchase a Non-Metro transfer at a TAP Vending Machine before you leave the station. You will have the choice of loading a transfer onto your TAP card for TAP-enabled municipal operators, or purchasing a paper transfer (check with your local municipal line for transfer details). Both are the same price.

How do I transfer from a municipal line to Metro bus?

Your TAP card is valid on any bus operated by Metro as long as it is loaded with a valid Metro pass, Stored Value or Interagency Transfer.

How do I transfer from a municipal line to Metro rail?

Tell your operator that you would like to buy a transfer to Metro rail. If you already have a TAP card, pay the operator and the electronic transfer will be loaded onto your card. If you do not have a TAP card, pay the operator and you will receive a one-time use disposable paper TAP card (polka dot). At the Metro Rail station, tap your card on the turnstile or validator. Your card is good for one ride only.

Do I need to tap every time I change rail lines?

Yes. Base fare is good for one boarding on one line, in one direction. When transferring from one rail line to another you are required to tap before boarding the next rail line.

What is Balance Protection?

Balance Protection is a free program that lets you replace a lost or stolen TAP card with its remaining balance or pass information for a $5 fee. You must sign up for Balance Protection to activate it on your card.

How do I sign up for Balance Protection?

If you purchased your TAP card online, you are already enrolled. To sign up for Balance Protection, call 866.TAPTOGO or sign up on taptogo.net.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Report it online or call 866.TAPTOGO. If you are signed up for Balance Protection, your card balance and/or pass information will be restored and a new card will be mailed to you for a $5 fee. Sign up for free here. Remember, your card can only be replaced if you are balance protected.

How should I care for my TAP card?

Treat your TAP card like a credit or debit card. Do not bend, puncture, or wash the card.

Can my card demagnetize in my wallet if it is next to my credit cards?

No. You can keep your TAP card with your other credit cards.

How long will my TAP card last?

TAP card expiration dates vary, depending on your reduced fare status and the type of card you have. Be sure to check your card's expiration date online, at TAP Vending Machines and at TAP Retail Locations.

What are the terms and conditions for using my TAP card?

To view the terms and conditions listed in the TAP Cardholder Agreement click here. Your first use of the TAP card signifies your acceptance of this agreement.